Form W-9 and Back Up Withholding

Federal law requires that certain payments a business entity makes to individuals, partnerships, corporations and other entities be subject to Backup Withholding unless the payees provide their correct taxpayer identification numbers. The payments subject to Backup Withholding include rents, taxable interest, dividends, royalties, and non-employee compensation. If the payee fails to provide the taxpayer identification number (TIN), the payer must withhold 30% of the payment.

The Internal Revenue Service conducts compliance checks to verify that the payer has withheld Backup Withholding taxes on those payees (incorporated and unincorporated businesses, and individuals) that have failed to provide the TIN.

Therefore, in order to meet this requirement, you must have in your possession a completed form W-9 prior to making any payments to these individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations and other entities.

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